Treating the Spectrum with Dr. Patricia K. Roddey

Dermatology Mecklenburg Medical Group-SouthPark

For the last six years, Dr. Patricia K. Roddey has spent one Friday each May in eighth grade—speaking to middle-school students at Charlotte Country Day School. “They invite me to speak just before the kids leave on their annual beach trip,” says Roddey. “I cover skin cancer, acne, and even STDs, but the parents always come up and thank me for making the kids realize the importance of sunscreen.”

While 90 percent of her practice is medical, she says she does do some Botox. “Fillers can stall the need for a face lift in some cases,” she says. The biggest question from her patients: “They always ask how I got such good skin,” she says. And her answer is always the same: sunscreen. —M. B.Practicing in Charlotte for fifteen years, Roddey says melanoma is one of the few cancers on the rise—and it’s showing up in younger and younger patients. She thinks it’s due to the increased use of tanning beds. There is good news, though. The mother of three says new tools in the field help catch melanomas earlier, and she credits the new technology with saving several of her patients’ lives. “It magnifies lesions on the skin and reveals details that I can’t pick up with my eyes,” she says. “That’s helped me pick up six I might not have with the naked eye.” And that’s only part of the reason she got into the skin business. “I like the fact that I get to see both genders—all ages—and it ranges from cancer to infectious disease to autoimmune disease,” she says. “I go from a baby with a birth mark to an eighty-five-year-old man with potential melanoma to a teen with really bad acne to a woman who wants Botox for the first time.”

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