Trend On Trial: Harem Pants

I feel betrayed. Stella McCartney, Dolce & Gabbana, Jean Paul Gaultier, (and most painfully) L.A.M.B have all let me down tremendously. Why you ask? Well, because they insist on participating in this heinous trend…Harem Pants. 

Can someone PLEASE tell me why this is happening? What is this? What horribly tragic thing happened to the rest of her calves, and her knees? Or this—Gwen, I love you but this honestly looks like some sort of unholy union between leggings and a kilt, and I don’t appreciate it. Those unfortunate examples are nothing, however, compared to this.

I’ll just give you a second to take that in. Soak it in. Okay, now look at the price.

Yes, its true. You could spend $435 to look like a denim-covered pear. First of all, if I were to want to purchase these, (in a state of hysteria or something) how would I even begin to figure out my size in these bad boys? The waist and calve areas I’m guessing would correspond to a regular pant size; however, how am I to be sure that the size of that…that…thing in the front? I have no idea. Besides that, I’m wondering how these would feel on. I imagine it would be like wearing some sort of denim skirt on the top with some extraordinarily clingy denim leggings (ew) attached. Who knows, maybe they are shockingly comfortable? That is the only explanation I can find for this fashion madness.

What say you, Shop Talkers? How do you feel about harem pants? Tragic or Terrific? Tell us in the comments.