Trouble in Whitewater City

In a July 08 story for Charlotte titled "Current Affairs," (although looking at it now, we really should have called in "A Current Affair." Oh well) Jarvis Holliday wrote about the struggles of the financially challenged whitewater park. The subhead stated, "With a flawed business model and shaky leadership, the U.S. National Whitewater Center could be entering its make or break season." With today's news, it's looking more like "break" than "make."


Local news orgs are reporting that the center has defaulted on its loans and that it will once again ask local governments to chip in the max. Jeff Wise, the executive director, "could not be reached for comment." County commish Bill James thinks Park and Rec should take over management of the park. When Bill James sounds like one of the most reasonable folks quoted in an article, then it really makes one think.

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