Trouble with your Service?

No matter the eatery, we've all been here

To be clear, this post wasn't NECESSARILY inspired by a bad food experience, but it did come to mind after service in a particular location (which shall not be named) was a little less than acceptable. So, here I've compiled just a few teeny tiny notes about service:

1. Hosts/Hostesses: If I come into your restaurant and ask how long the wait is — PLEASE try to give me a close answer. I know this can be difficult considering the volume of people eating, finishing up, leaving or not leaving, but there shouldn't be a point when I'm told the wait will be 15 minutes and I end up waiting more than an hour. Further, on a brighter note, I do appreciate the restaurants who will NOT seat a party until all of the attendees are present. 

2. Waiters/Waitresses: What it comes down to, is that I WANT to tip you. I want to give you that 20-25% that you earned by knowing the specials, having a good handle on the dishes, answering my questions, checking up on us, and overall being friendly and understanding. I, as the customer, understand that it is not your fault if the food is late or cold, and will, therefore, not take it out on you. 

3. Customers: To me, as a customer, one of the rudest things you can do is continue to linger in a busy restaurant when you have no further intention of purchasing another dish or drink. Once the check is presented and the meal is winding down (and especially if you can see new patrons waiting to be seated), why not move to the bar? Or another restaurant? Don't take up a table if it's become clear that others are waiting. The wait staff (if they're well-versed in niceties and being polite) will never ask you to leave. That's on you. 

4. Bus boys/girls: A personal pet peeve of mine is having my food nearly taken away before I'm finished eating it. This is fairly rare, however, I think it's important to never ASSUME a customer is done (unless the plate is completely empty) even if they haven't picked at their meal in more than a few minutes. 

Again and to reiterate: these are just my personal musings as someone who eats out quite often. I ABSOLUTELY understand that when restaurants are very busy, sometimes service suffers. The same applies for me, as a customer, to remember to be considerate and understanding. What kind of restaurant experiences have you had around the Queen City?

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