Try This: The Godfather at Pizza Peel

If you don't know, you should
The Pizza Peel & Tap Room

If you weren't aware (I wasn't), it's National Pizza Day. In honor of the cheese, dough, and sauce that gets just about everyone in a good mood, we decided to spotlight a pie in Cotswold.

The Pizza Peel & Tap Room, which opened in 2008, has a large menu that covers the usual pastas, sandwiches, Italian-inspired appetizers and, of course, pizza. But there's a special list of pizzas the average diner should be aware of: the secret menu pizzas. These selections vary in their creativity, with everything from a Mexican-inspired pie hosting mozzarella, chorizo, red onion, a topping of crushed tortilla chips,salsa and black beans; to an Asian-inspired pizza featuring a Thai sauce base, mozzarella, pineapple, chicken, bacon, bleu cheese, and fresh basil.

But the pie that truly won our hearts was The Godfather. The appropriately named pie features a garlic oil base, mozzarella, salami, prosciutto, spinach, roasted red peppers, pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, and a swirl of balsamic vinaigrette over the whole thing. We did make one change upon ordering: instead of the garlic oil base, which we felt would be a little dry, we opted for a red sauce base – giving us a bit more of a "traditional" feel. … if such pies can be considered traditional.

The result was a salty, sweet, tangy, and flavorful pizza which was reminiscent of a classic Italian sub sandwich. Oh – and don't skimp on that swirl of balsamic. The added tang brings the assorted meats topping the pizza to a whole different level.

The Pizza Peel & Tap Room is located at 4422 Colwick Road in Cotswold. They also have a location in Plaza Midwood at 1600 Central Avenue.

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