Unknown Brewing’s nine-day release party

You'll now be able to order Unknown Brewing's beers in local bars and restaurants, starting tonight at Duckworth's


A couple weeks ago, Unknown Brewing announced it would be bringing beers into Charlotte’s restaurants and bars. New details were recently released about Unknown’s rollout, and it’s safe to say they have a lot of the Queen City covered.

It all starts today (Tuesday), as Unknown will have its inaugural launch party at Duckworth’s beginning at 6 p.m. Owner Brad Shell and head brewer Dave Scott will be at the Park Road location to debut Over the Edge USPA and No Shame Wheat, as the Ballantyne and Huntersville Duckworth’s will also have those beers on tap.

From there over the next eight days, Unknown is hitting many of Charlotte’s prominent beer bars and restaurants with kegs of Over the Edge and No Shame, along with some surprises along the way. The staff at Unknown will be on hand at many of these locations for giveaways and raffles, and there are also a few contests, such as a cornhole tournament at Common Market and Good Bottle Co. and trivia at VBGB. 

Below is the complete launch party schedule:


Date                 Time                          Location

March 4            6 p.m.                        Duckworth’s (Park Road, Ballantyne, Huntersville)

March 5            6 p.m.                        Flying Saucer

March 5            6 p.m.                        Mac’s Speed Shop (South Boulevard)

March 6            5:30 p.m.                   Vintner Wine Market

March 6             6 p.m.                       VBGB

March 6            6 p.m.                        Mac’s Speed Shop (Steele Creek)

March 7            6 p.m.                        Common Market (SouthEnd)

March 7             5 p.m.                       Queen City Q

March 8            6 p.m.                        Salud Beer Shop

March 10            4:30 p.m.                 Brixx (Uptown)

March 11            6 p.m.                      Pizza Peel (Cotswold)

March 12            6 p.m.                      Good Bottle Co.

March 12            6 p.m.                      Common Market (Plaza Midwood)

March 13            6 p.m.                      Pizza Peel (Plaza Midwood)           

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