Weekend Ahead: December 5-7

Heather Moore Trunk Show at Nesting
What better way to declare your love for your newborn (or your precious puppy, or your fiance, or your best friend) than to collaborate with talented jewelry designer Heather Moore to create your very own custom designed peace of jewelry featuring one of a kind charms. These are the kind of meaningful baubles that will stay in your family for years to come because they aren’t just fashion statements (although if they were, the statement would be “Whoa, how cute is that?”) they are keepsakes. Come in today to meet Moore and customize your own personalized piece of heirloom jewelry to declare your love for someone special in your life. (Yes, Sarah, you can get one that says “Rosie”, but I will mock you. You’ve been warned.)
Thursday, until 7pm at Nesting
6401 Morrison Blvd
(704) 366-3787

Christian Sirano Trunk Show and Appearance at Coplon’s
Listen up Project Runway fans! It’s time to make it work! Put on your fiercest boots, your fiercest dress and your fiercest Fierce Face and go meet the King of All Things Fierce, Christian Siriano as he debuts his new spring collection at Coplon’s in Phillips Place. We were fans of this pint-sized fashion sprite from episode one of Season 4, and we are so thrilled that he’s found success as a designer. He’s just so….. (you gotta say it!) FIERCE!
Thursday, 11am-4pm
6800 Phillips Place Ct
(704) 643-1113

Beards BeCAUSE at Amos’ Southend
This Friday at Amos’ there will be live music (shocker), proceeds from the night will go to charity (yay for the season of giving!) and there will be a contest to determine which male contestant has grown the most impressive beard. Now, part of us is a little hurt that we weren’t asked to judge at this little shindig (alongside Ramona from Matt and Ramona and a few other style writer types), since after all, Shop Talk is all about critiquing what is “fashionable” and it is clear that facial hair has made a major fashion comeback, and we’d like to be involved in evaluating that. Also, we like an excuse to buy a new outfit, and what better excuse could there be than, “So I’ll have something to wear when I judge that beard contest?” But, since we weren’t asked, we’ve decided that the Shop Talk stance on beards is that we are officially ANTI-beard. They’re scratchy, scruffy and they obscure one of the most cherished traits of handsome males which is the “chisled jaw”. However, we are willing to look past our new, anti-beard stance and applaud these furry fellows for letting it all grow out in the name of charity. The proceeds generated by this contest will be donated to United Family Services’ Shelter for Battered Women, and we are definitely PRO on that. Doing the right thing is always in style. But beards are not. That is our final call. Unless we get asked to judge next year, in which case we will be pro-beard.
Friday, 7:30 p.m.
Amos’ Southend
1423 S. Tryon St.

Roller Derby Winter WonderSLAM at Cricket Arena
We’ll be honest, we had no idea that Charlotte had one roller derby team, let alone two! This is a fabulous and exciting discovery, and we so pumped that we are just in time to catch our two Queen City teams (The Cockpit Candies and the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Rollers) take on several visiting opponents in this double header. We are also volunteering to be the official mascots for the roller girls, as they embody so many of the things that we hold dear here at Charlotte Shop Talk: they wear awesome matching outfits, their entire sport is based upon awesome footwear, and they are badass ladies who could totally take a girl out if she was standing between them and a coveted pair of 9.5’s at a Bob Ellis shoe sale (Jenn and Sarah both wear this elusive size, and it is almost NEVER on the sale rack in any store. We could use a tough roller girl to have our back, or keep us from fighting each other, should a precious pair of 9.5’s become available) . Call us up, roller girls! We are ready for action!
Saturday, Parking lot opens at 3 p.m. First bout starts at 6 p.m.
Cricket Arena, 2700 E. Independence Blvd.
$10 in advance, $14 at the door.

Santa Bar Crawl
Last year, we were unaware of the date of the annual Santa Bar Crawl, and as a result, we were crushed in the crowd of nearly 450 inebriated fools in Santa hats who filled all of the Uptown bars. We learned our lesson and this year we will be staying home this Saturday as the holly jolly revelers crawl their way through nine Charlotte bars including Dixie’s, Phil’s, Brick & Barrel, Whisky River, Tilt, Buckhead Saloon, The Attic, Madison’s and Alley Cat. For those of you brave enough to venture out (or those of you who already knew the date of this event because you wait all year for it and you’ve just been counting the days until you could break out your little red hat and get lit, Santa-style), registration for the crawl starts at Dixie’s at 4pm. We wish you the best of luck.
301 E. Seventh St. $10

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