Weekend Ahead: February 27-March 1

ENJOY A STAYCATION – Caribbean Night at Shop Eileen
I would give anything to hop on a plane this weekend and go somewhere warm where I could lie on a beach, drink unabashedly girly beverages and read British chick lit books. Like, ANYTHING. I would give you my Tory Burch wedges, and I winced writing that. But I would. That is how much I need a vacation. But, alas, the economy is in a “contraction” (God I hate that word), and thus, so is my travel budget. But, my bank account is totally capable of coming aboard for a fabulous night of Caribbean carousing at Eileen, where you can get a pair of Havaiana flip-flops for just $5 when you spend $50, and you can extend your getaway by booking a transformative hair appointment at Urban Bliss a few doors down for 35% off which earns you two FREE Eileen tank tops. I am feeling better already. In fact, I am taking back my wedges.
Friday Feb 27 4-7pm
1800 Camden Rd.

This weekend is my birthday. In honor of that auspicious occasion, Ben Folds has agreed to come play a private concert for me and several thousand of my friends. I am a very nice person, so I agreed to let him sell a few tickets to make some extra cash (we are in “contraction” after all). You can buy them at Ticketmaster.com I asked them to make it so you had to search for “Jenn’s Birthday Bash”, but they insisted that it just say “Ben Folds Concert” instead. Bureaucrats. Anyhow, if you are cool enough, you can come hang out with me and Ben Folds on my birthday weekend, but just so you know, when he sings “Luckiest”, it is dedicated to me.
Sunday March 1
8pm at Ovens Auditorium
Tickets at Ticketmaster.com and stubhub.com

WORK YOUR BUD OFF: Flower Arranging Class at Pottery Barn
My poor mother has been trying to cultivate a green thumb in me since I was a tiny toddler presiding over a patch of pansies in the backyard. I killed them, and I have killed many others since. Once, I managed to kill 70% of the plants in her backyard when she left me in charge while she and my Dad went on a trip. I just don’t have her talent with the flora species. She can throw together a centerpiece with live blooms that stay living for days or even weeks. I have to keep any and all flowers I am given on the floor, in the dark, in the pantry because my hyperactive cat thinks they are a tasty snack. Nevertheless, I am tempted to head to the Barn at South Park this Sunday to learn how to arrange flowers properly and with panache, just so I can give my dear sweet Mom a hand-arranged bouquet worthy of her talent. Hopefully I can keep them alive long enough to deliver them, though I wouldn’t count on it.
For more info and to RSVP call (704) 442-9493

GET A CRAZY KINDA CRUSH – Jonas Brothers 3-D
Confession, I just had to Google “Jonas Brothers Lyrics” in order to come up for the title of this event listing. I have no idea if “Crazy Kinda Crush” is even one of their hit songs. I wouldn’t know one of their hit songs if it actually hit me, like, in the face. However, I can tell by my Facebook feed that apparently this movie they have coming out this weekend is a very big deal (I coached cheerleading for two seasons and am therefore Facebook friends with about a dozen girls who are ages 16-20). If the thought of seeing Joe, Nick and Kevin in multiple dimensions excites you, then chances are you’ve already had your tickets to this movie for days, so I am not even sure why I am writing about it. And yes, I had to Google to find out what their names are.
For updated show times and locations go to www.movies.com

In case you didn’t catch it, that title is meant to be ironic. This event is FRICKIN’ HUGE and it means MAJOR MAJOR tourism bucks for our little Queen City, so do your part to get out in Uptown and support this totally outrageous weekend (the theme is ROCK THE RIM for cryin’ out loud). There is not a single moment that isn’t jam packed with something exciting, so you have no excuse not to partake in at least a piece of the awesomeness. Unless you are agoraphobic. Or claustrophobic. Or parkinggarageaphobic. That last one is very real and prevents very nice people from being able to enjoy packed, popular, well attended public events due to the crippling fear of tiny parking spots and low concrete ceilings. Don’t mock. It afflicts more people than you would think.
For event information go to www.ciaatournament.org

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