Weekend Ahead: January 16-18

Walk The High Wire
Circus! Exhibit at Discovery Place
Juggling, tight rope walking, mid-air acrobatics, PLATE-SPINNING! You (and your kids, I guess) can do it all at this 20-station exhibit. Also, as far as I know, there are no scary clowns associated with this exhibit, something that cannot be said about the actual circus coming to Time Warner Cable Arena in a few weeks. I make no promises. There might be a picture of a clown at this exhibit or something, but there should be no ACTUAL frightening clowns for the most part. Perhaps clowns are not a deal breaker for you, but they are for me, so I wanted you to know that I feel confident that this exhibit will not include scary clowns. Information and tickets available at www.discoveryplace.org. Exhibit runs through July 3.

Hang With Some Dawgs

Pardon the terrible title of this event blurb, but there is an odd mix of movies coming your local multiplex this weekend which includes kid flick, “Hotel for Dogs” and “Notorious”, a biopic about Notorious B.I.G. so I had no choice but to go for some sort of slang/canine hybrid. Oddly, this is exactly the sort of movie paring that would attract my partner in crime, Sarah, who is both a rabid fan of dogs (haha) and a rap devotee. If you are similarly enchanted by the thought of a movie about dogs and/or intrigued by the controversial portrayal of Lil’ Kim and P.Diddy, then by all means, get thee to the theatre this weekend. For details and show times go to www.movies.com or check the Charlotte Observer for theaters near you.

Finally, An Excuse To Break Out The Crimping Iron
80’s night with the Charlotte Checkers
Neon clothing is making a disturbing comeback in the ’09 spring lines (stay tuned for our, how shall we say, “unfavorable” review on this emerging trend), and while we cannot endorse wearing neon as a normal day to day habit, we are totally in favor of 80’s theme nights, especially when they involve gorgeous (trust us, we’ve seen them in their suits before they suit up in those pads and helmets) hockey players. Need another excuse to scrunch your socks, crimp your hair, and roll up your blazer sleeves? I, blogger Jenn, will be performing the National Anthem at this Friday’s game. This is a lifelong dream of mine, and I can use all the moral support I can get. So come, cheer on the Checkers, wear neon, and watch as one girl’s dream of singing the National Anthem (while possibly wearing a Rainbow Brite t-shirt ) comes true before your very eyes. Friday Jan 16, 7pm, Time Warner Cable Arena. Tickets Available at www.ticketmaster.com

Enjoy Beethoven (No, Not The Dog Movie)

Andre Watts at the Belk Theater (plus a little bit of Amanda Bynes)
While I certainly wouldn’t put it past me to write up two dog movies in one blog post (they are so darn cute!), this is the other Beethoven. Grammy Award-winning pianist Andre Watts will perform The Beet’s Piano Concerto No. 4 for your cultural edification and enjoyment. You’ll feel so enlightened and inspired, you can go home and watch “What A Girl Wants” on Oxygen (Saturday, 8pm) without even having to feel ashamed about it. Colin Firth and a London fashion montage? Priceless. Saturday Jan 16 and Sunday Jan 17. Presented by the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra. $18-$77. 8 p.m. Belk Theater, 130 N. Tryon St. 704-372-1000, www.carolinatix.org.

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