Weekend Ahead: June 5-7

Pops in the Park is starting on Sunday. And, in a fun twist, the symphony’s first concert has them going country with tunes like John Williams’ “The Cowboys” and Aaron Copeland’s “Hoedown.” So, bring your picnic blanket and cowboy boots and enjoy summertime in SouthPark and live music from the city’s talented orchestra. The symphony asks for a $5 donation from adult attendees. The prelude starts at 7 and the orchestra begins at 8:15. Check the Web site for details.

Ok, so with the current ridiculous rain conditions (Seriously. Has anyone checked the Atlantic lately? I don’t understand how there can be any water left anywhere else in the world because I feel pretty certain it all ended up in my backyard this morning.) you may not be particularly anxious to stroll down the streets of Uptown, tasting the city’s delicious food. But, not going would be a mistake. Let me tell you why: a) There is food involved. I have a firm policy to always attend events involving eating. Always. b) This is a perfect opportunity to bring out those cute rain boots and umbrella you’ve been wanting to show off. See how well this works out? Admission is free, you purchase coins for food and drink samples, and there’s free entertainment. The event starts today at 11 and is tomorrow and Sunday as well. Check their Web site for details.

I’m from Shelby. Shhh. I don’t tell many people this. I occasionally claim Los Angeles and when I’m feeling like a real challenge, London. But, both are lies. Occasionally good things do come out of Shelby though. (Other than a somewhat suspicious meat called “livermush.”) One such thing is Acoustic Syndicate, a five-man band that tours the U.S. and plays a mix of bluegrass and rock. They’re actually very good. And tonight they’re playing at Neighborhood Theatre in NoDa. If nothing else, this presents a very good way to get out of the aforementioned rain.

I feel that most people are either No Doubt fanatics or they could care less. If you fall in the first camp, then you’ve known about the concert tomorrow night at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre for months and are currently wearing your “I love Gwen” t-shirt to get you ready for the weekend. If you’re in the latter category then right now you’re wondering who Gwen is. But, maybe there are some people on middle ground and looking for something fun to do Saturday night. If so, check livenation.com for details. Oh, and bring an umbrella.

After all that eating you’re going to be doing today at Taste of Charlotte, a nice little one-and-a-half mile walk around uptown probably wouldn’t be a bad idea. Conveniently, the Charlotte Coalition of Justic is sponsoring a walk called “Charlotte Walks Together” at 9 a.m. on Saturday morning to raise funds for its youth leadership programs. It’s $15 and registration begins at 8 at the Gateway Village Atrium. Check their site for the details.

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