Weekend Ahead: October 29-November 1

GO RIGHT NOW – Luxe Home Couture FLEA Sale

Take it from our Char Mag Senior Editor, Blake Miller: this is one sale you don’t want to miss out on. She actually got her butt there before even coming in to work so she could beat the lunch time crowds (smart gal). She walked away with a pair of adorable ceramic bird candle holders for less than $15 and is considering going back for more.  In fact, I’m pretty sure our entire office has been plotting an escape over to Luxe on East Blvd. sometime today… so look for us there!

TRICK OR TREAT – Halloween Sales at Local Stores

Now, I enjoy a good mini box of Milk Duds like any other red-blooded American, but if given the choice between sugary treats and sweet sales, I’ll take the delicious discounts, thankyouverymuch.  Here are a few stores celebrating Boo Day with great deals. (No costume required). Petal on East Blvd. has a trick or treat jar where you can pick out a surprise discount percentange to take off your purchase (ranging from 5%-20% – Saturday Only). Monkees at Morrocroft on Colony Rd. will also let you grab a discount out of a jar, but theirs range from 20%-40% off purchases of $100 or more.  Neiman Marcus is offering $100 a purchase of $400 or more when you shop in their contemporary or dress departments (Today through Sunday).  Across the street from South Park at the Morrison Shops, stores will offer candy for the kids while you peruse the racks at stores like Capitol, Black & Blue, Scout & Molly, Chezelle and Asana Activewear (Saturday Only).

SET YOUR ALARM – Carlos Falchi for Target

I don’t know about you ladies, but I have yet to actually see a full designer collection, still intact, inside a Target. I do my best to make it there the very same day that the collections launch, but inevitably by the time I arrive, styles are picked over and you are left feeling less than whole. Apparently, I just haven’t been getting up early enough. The TRUE Target Designer hunters set their alarms or stay up late so they can ravage the online offerings the minute they go up at midnight, or arrive at the stores before they open the following day. That’s hardcore. But, it might be neccessary if you want to get your hands on a bag designed by Carlos Falchi. His high-end bags (made from exotic skins that are sewn into edgy patchwork) usually retail in the $4k range (Yowza), but his collection for Target tops out at $49.99!

GET YOUR BARD ON – Reduced Shakespeare Company at Booth Playhouse

This trio of talented thespians is only here through Sunday, so don’t miss your chance to see the complete works of William Shakespeare performed in 97 minutes. I saw the show Tuesday night and had an absolute blast. The cast is fabulous, and during the show, they actually take a cell phone pic of the audience and post it to Twitter, which, being a total nerd, I absolutely enjoyed. The jokes are ribald, the physical comedy even more so, but the language of the Bard remains beautifully intact (most of the time).  Promise me you’ll go? 

GRAB A TURKEY LEG – Carolina Renassiance Festival

Could there be a more perfect weekend to check out this annual festival? First of all, the leaves here in the Charlotte area are nearing their peak awesomeness (I nearly ran off the road on my drive in this morning because I was gawking at the colors). Secondly, the fact that it is Halloween weekend means you don’t have to spend a single second thinking about how weird it is that these Renaissance festival folks spend their lives wearing costumes and talking in character – you can just chalk it up to Halloween. Lastly, there’s beer, jousting and turkey legs. What more could you want out of your weekend, honestly?


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