What Do I Do With Fruitcake?


First of all, I'm really full and I assume you all are, too. I may be pre-diabetic at this point after the amount of cookies I've ingested over the last 48 hours. However, I refused to partake in any fruitcake this year — the dense, sugary dessert filled with these-colors-aren't-from-nature fruits and gross raisins (I just don't like raisins). But, to me, there must be an answer for this brick of a treat. Thank you, internets, for showing me the way:

Bread Pudding: This seems like a pretty obvious choice, but bread pudding would likely work even if your fruitcake has gone a bit stale. Just follow this recipe and substitute the bread for fruitcake. 

Breakfast: I know you're already over the whole fruitcake thing, but why not slice thick slices of this bread and toast it? Add a little walnut butter or honey butter over the warm pieces? That doesn't sound too awful, does it? You could also try Fruitcake French Toast by cutting 1/2 inch thick pieces, coating them in eggnog, then placing them in a hot skillet or on a griddle until they're golden brown. Sprinkle with cinnamon and powdered sugar, then serve. 

Stuffing: Pork and fruit are great friends, so stuff a delicious pork loin with your uneaten and unloved fruitcake. You can make a dish of stuffing via this recipe OR you can actually stuff your pork loin (or pork chops) by following this one

This should give you a decent head start on getting rid of this loaf of Christmas tradition. Tomorrow, I begin the magical journey into holiday detox.

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