What would Tommy say?

More than once this year, we've caught ourselves wondering "What would Tommy say?" That would be Tommy Tomlinson, the excellent Charlotte Observer columnist who has been at Harvard (along with his wife, Alix Felsing) on a Neiman Fellowship since late last summer.


No disrespect to the O's current columnists, but the events in Charlotte over the past several months are why columnists like Tomlinson were invented. Not only does he write like the wind, he has the gift of putting everything in perspective with beautiful economy of words and without being self-important. We'd love to have read his columns during the Wachovia/Citi/Wells saga, during the elections, during the bank bailouts, and during the aftermath.

Tomlinson was in town recently, and his visit happened to coincide with the announcement of major layoffs at the Observer. He has been keeping a blog during his sabbatical (he returns in June), and this is what he wrote.



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