Which Grill Is Right for You?

Gas, charcoal, or wood-burning? Let us help you figure it out.

Grilling is to summer as hibernating is to winter—it’s just what you do during the season. And with grill-worthy Independence Day quickly approaching, we thought we’d tackle the age-old question of which type of grill to get.


When it comes down to choosing the right grill for you, a few of the factors to consider are the following: What kind of grilling do you do? What flavor do you prefer? What is your commitment to staying near to the grill?


The ongoing debate centering on gas versus charcoal has now expanded to included the question of wood grills as well. Any average homeowner might have difficulty deciding just which grill is best for his or her barbecuing needs, and for that reason, we brought in an expert.


From The Home Depot on South Boulevard, store associate and grill expert Marty Brink helped us get to grill deciphering. Here’s how Brink approaches gas, charcoal, and wood grills. We even provided an infographic to help you find your match made in meat-heaven.

the home depot built from scratch


Gas grills are convenient

Since they are powered by propane and give off an even flame, gas grills make it simple to cook meats to preferred temperatures. Preheat time is quick and cleanup is easy, making this type of grill a convenient favorite for a variety of grillers.


Charcoal grills require attention

Less expensive than gas grills and still simple to use, charcoal grills are generally chosen by grillers who prefer the chargrilled flavor profile that results from the natural lump charcoal or charcoal briquettes. Charcoal grills, however, require diligent attention.


Smokers and pellet grills deliver intense flavor

A smoker’s aroma is enough to draw in just about anyone, which is why some grillers choose these grills—for the intense wood flavor. Smokers are not as convenient as gas grills, but they can maintain low cooking temperature for a long time and keep meat soft and tender.


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