Wrapping Bar

Wrapping BarWHAT IT IS A table stocked with the stickiest tape, sharpest scissors, and freshest pens, all next to a wall full of colorful wrapping paper and stacks of ribbon.
WHERE TO FIND IT The new Paper Twist boutique features the bar that can be used no matter where you purchased your gift. So, buy that frying pan off your friends' wedding registry, then head here for your paper and wrap away. Or, for a minimal fee, let the professionals wrap it for you (the service is free if your gift is from the store, which carries small gift items).
WHO IT'S FOR Anyone who has ever used the back seat of their car as a makeshift wrapping space.
COOL FACTOR The store offers wrapping paper from exotic locales including India and Japan (ranging in price from $2.50 to $9 per sheet) and ribbons made from unique items including pearls and feathers. Check the Web site for schedules for free wrapping classes. Paper Twist, 6401 Morrison Blvd., 704-366-3100, shoppapertwist.com