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Application season is here, and with that in mind we have com- piled a comprehensive, detailed guide to most of the area private schools

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If you’re a parent considering enrolling your child or children in private school, it’s that time of year: decision time. Most applications are due in January for the 2012–2013 school year. Charlotte has plenty of choices, especially for elementary schools. To help you make the most informed choice possible, we put together this resource guide to most area private or independent schools (see sidebar “How We Did This” to find out more). We included loads of relevant info, and we hope this helps you with your decision.

How We Did This

The information in this resource guide was provided by the schools listed. We posted a private survey at our website and asked every area private or independent school to complete it. If a school is not included in this guide, it’s because it declined to participate or we could not track down an appropriate contact person.

If a question was irrelevant to a particular school (such as class size in high school for an elementary-only school) or an incomplete answer was provided, we omitted it. Information for the last two questions (“What’s new?” and “What sets it apart?”) was provided by the schools. We edited for space and clarity.

If you represent a school and have a question about this guide, please send an email to editor@charlottemagazine.com with “Private School Guide” in the subject line.

Guide to Acronyms:

JK: Junior Kindergarten
TK: Transitional Kindergarten
CISAA: Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association
NCISAA: North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association
CACAA: Charlotte Area Christian Athletic Association
SPAA: Southern Piedmont Athletic Association

SAT Scores: Different schools report SAT scores differently. Rather than force schools into a conforming standard, we let the scores stand as reported, with minor editing made for clarity.

Adventist Christian Academy

4601 Emory Ln.

Year founded: 1919
Religious affiliation: Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Head of school (year started): Gerard Ban (2010)
Earliest grade: Pre-K
Oldest grade: 9th
Enrollment: 90
Percentage nonwhite: 70%
Avg. class size elementary: 20
Avg. class size middle: 22
Avg. class size high: 1
Grade foreign language first offered: 1st
Languages offered:
Lowest tuition: $475 per month for 10 months
Tuition oldest grade: $499 per month for 10 months
Percentage of students on financial aid: 40%
Uniform required? Yes
Bus service offered? No
What’s new? Middle school soccer

Anami Montessori School

2901 Archdale Dr.

Year founded: 1986
Religious affiliation: none
Head of school (year started): Joan Horlbeck (1986)
Earliest grade: Age 3
Oldest grade:
Enrollment: 73
Percentage nonwhite: 15%
Avg. class size elementary: 29
Lowest tuition: $6,630
Annual tuition oldest grade: $9,600
Financial aid offered? Yes
Percentage of students on financial aid: 12%
Uniform required?
Bus service offered? No
Annual teacher retention rate: 97%
What’s new?
Expanded space for the elementary school
What sets it apart? Anami Montessori School is recognized by the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Education and the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). Anami is known for offering an exemplary Montessori program that closely adheres to the standards Dr. Montessori espoused.

Berean Junior Academy and Preschool

3748 Beatties Ford Rd.

Year founded: 1933
Religious affiliation: Seventh-Day Adventist
Head of school (year started): Henrietta Bishop (2001)
Earliest grade: Preschool
Oldest grade: 8th
Enrollment: 48
Percentage nonwhite: 100%
Avg. class size elementary: 15
Avg. class size middle: 15
Grade foreign language first offered: Kindergarten
Lowest tuition: $3,500
Annual tuition oldest grade: $3,740
Financial aid offered? No
Uniform required? Yes
Bus service offered? No
Middle school theater productions per year: 1
Number of musical ensembles: 1
What sets it apart? Berean offers a unique Christian learning environment where students can blossom academically as well as spiritually. Berean’s classroom sizes are relatively small with a typical ratio of around 15:1.

British American School of Charlotte

7000 Endhaven Ln.

Year founded: 2004 (in Charlotte)
Religious affiliation: None
Head of school (year started): Adam Stevens (2008)
Earliest grade: 2-year-old program (school based)
Oldest grade: British Year 11
Enrollment: 132
Percent nonwhite: BASC is a diverse, international school.
Avg. class size elementary: 14
Avg. class size middle: 14
Avg. class size high: 14
Grade foreign language first offered: Pre-K
Languages offered: French, Spanish
Lowest tuition: $8,220
Annual tuition oldest grade: $18,600
Financial aid offered: On a limited, custom basis.
Percentage of students on financial aid: N/A
Uniform required: Yes
Bus Service Offered: No
Annual teacher retention rate: 90%
Sports offered in middle school: Soccer, basketball, baseball, rugby
Middle school theater productions per year: 1
High school theater productions per year: 1
Number of musical ensembles: 2
Advanced electives: IGCSE qualifications, International Primary Years Curriculum, International Middle Years Curriculum, English National Curriculum, British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum
Number of art studios: 1
Varsity sports: Soccer, basketball, baseball, rugby
What’s new? School-based 2-year-old program
What sets it apart? International curriculum, English academic curriculum, personalized differentiated learning, school-based early-years program, British teachers, and International General Certificate of Secondary Education qualification

Brookstone Schools

2128 Remount Rd.

Year founded: 2001
Religious affiliation: nondenominational
Head of school (year started): Donald Larson (2009)
Earliest grade: Kindergarten
Oldest grade: 6th
Enrollment: 104
Percentage nonwhite: 1%
Avg. class size elementary: 16
Avg. class size middle: 11
Lowest tuition: Tuition based on sliding scale
Annual tuition oldest grade: Tuition based on sliding scale
Financial aid offered? Yes
Percentage students on financial aid: 100%
Uniform required? Yes
Bus service offered? No
Annual teacher retention rate: 100%
Middle school theater productions per year: 1
Number of musical ensembles: 1
What’s new? Brookstone Schools has a new facility. It is now at Amay James Pre-K Center, 2414 Lester St., just off West Boulevard. There is also a new six-week Summer Learning and Enrichment Program.
What sets it apart? Outstanding academics in a Christ-centered environment. Generous scholarships make this an affordable option for parents.


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