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4 Charlotte Events to Know: April 2022

Mind Matters One in five U.S. adults—about 52.9 million people—suffers from mental illness, says the National Institute for Mental Health. So now that we’ve spent two-plus years talking about physical health, let’s talk about the psyche. Discovery Place Science and…

The Queen's Gambit: Behind Charlotte's Arts Sector Shake-Up

For decades, the City of Charlotte helped fund the Arts & Science Council, an independent nonprofit. In 2021, the city changed tack: It appointed Priya Sircar as its first arts and culture officer and assembled a board to distribute funding and develop a long-range plan. Could the move help turn Charlotte into a cultural destination?

Essay: The Case for Charlotte Music, Post-COVID

Just as Charlotte began to lay a foundation for something it’s notoriously lacked over the years—the ability to sustain a vibrant, distinctive local music scene—the pandemic snatched it away, as it did so much else. Was it a lethal blow? This magazine’s longtime editor, now a driver of a local music initiative, grabs the mic to argue: Hell, no

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