2008 Best of the Best

Cranes speckle Charlotte's skyline, pulling condo towers, office high-rises, museums, and a hall of fame out of the ground. To the south, north, east, and west, construction vehicles push around dirt, erecting entire neighborhoods seemingly overnight.

This city is getting big. You see it.

With the rapid expansion comes, inevitably, an influx of new shops, restaurants, people, places, and more. From shopping, food, and sports to nightlife, arts and culture, and events that define Charlotte, we've navigated our booming city to find the best of the best, new and old. From the best burger—served up by, we promise, a hotel restaurant—to the top spots to buy the handbag of your dreams to an all-star band, we offer you this indispensable guide to the city's best of the best. Affectionately known as the BOBs, this is our biggest list ever—266 winners. Bigger is better!

Edited by Jarvis Holliday

Contributors: Nicole Ewing, Tess Gadwa, Mike Giglio, Jenna-Ley Harrison, Jon Luther, Blake Miller, Van Miller, Rosie Molinary, Addie Rising, Jenn Thompson, Richard Thurmond, Erika Weed, Meg Freeman Whalen

Photographs by Chris Edwards


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Categories: Feature, Food + Drink, Restaurants & Food