4 Beignets for Bastille Day


THE BEIGNET, that beautiful piece of fried dough, sounds fancier than it is. The easy-to-eat dish is light enough to be enjoyed in the heat of summer and sugary enough to satisfy any sweet tooth. Celebrate Bastille Day, which commemorates the storming of the Bastille in France, on July 14 with beignets all around town.

300 EAST
Served during the restaurant’s popular brunch in plates of five, the moist beignets are sized to munch on while your table eyes the menu. At the center of the plate is a cup of fruit butter for dipping, and the flavors change each week. Expect all of them—including apricot, strawberry, sweet potato, and pumpkin—to be delicious. 300 East Blvd., 704-332-6507

Walk in wearing black, and walk out speckled with powdered sugar. These beignets are close to the New Orleans style—fried pillows of dough coated with the sweet stuff—and are a fitting dish for this Cajun spot. Some bites will be crunchy, some bites will be doughy, but it’s hard not to love them all the same. 501 E. 36th St., 704-331-9898

Beignets have been on the menu here since the restaurant opened in 2005. Dense dough is coated with cinnamon sugar and served warm, the thickness complemented by a scoop of coffee gelato and cinnamon crème Anglaise. The perfectly rounded desserts arrive stacked on a white plate. 1601 E. 7th St., 704-332-3322

CAFE MONTE (shown above)
Served in plates of three or five, these yeasty, light balls of dough are coated in a powdered sugar that clings to the warm beignet, served during breakfast and lunch. A side of raspberry marmalade spread on top combines with the beignets on your palate for a balance of dough, sugar, and flavor. 6700 Fairview Rd., 704-552-1116

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