Before + After: Modern Tradition in Foxcroft

Chris Edwards

WHEN MELISSA CHRISTIAN and her family relocated from Connecticut in 2015, she wanted her new Foxcroft home to be a place for gathering. The family kept some furniture during the move, but needed help making the room functional and welcoming. Cathy Diel, of Diel Designs, transformed the cramped, closed-off room into a modern, sophisticated space that greets all who walk into the home.



The Golden Touch 
Gold’s subtle yet striking presence upgrades the living room. There were traces of the metallic color from the existing furniture, which guided the design’s traditional feel. Aerin Lauder lamps replaced the conventional ones, and the lampshade attached to the orb base now complements the white rug. The inclusion of a cylindrical side table and lamps enhances the room’s modern look. 

Artistic Additions 
Jason McGee’s piece is a work of abstract and contemporary style. The painting “functions as the space’s ‘wow’ factor,” Diel says. The artwork ties the room together, contrasting the curtains’ neutral Benedetto fabric while absorbing the tints of blue, white, and gray found on the walls.  

Sitting Fresh
Though the sitting room has a new look, many of the original pieces remain. Rather than purchasing all new furniture, Diel reupholstered the stools and a pair of tufted chairs. “If the client loves the piece, I would rather recover it and give the [furniture] new life,” Diel says. The light blue chairs soften the room, while the gold fabric on the stools pulls in tones from the curtains.  

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