Bridal News: Urban Outfitters Bridal Launch

Anthropologie might be one of my favorite stores—I could spend hours there looking at every cup, dish, photo frame, shower curtain, dress, piece of jewelry, book. Oh, and the furniture is always to die for! (There’s always an amazing couch to check out in the fitting rooms.) I also quite favor parent company Urban Outfitters even though it’s a tad more "hipster" than I am. (But let’s be honest, it’s not like I haven’t ever found more than a handful of items there that I’d like to have, too.)

So when an email from Urban’s PR department came through last Friday letting me know it plans to launch a bridal concept, I was thrilled! A full bridal goods line with jewelry and accessories, bridesmaid and occasion dresses (starting at $200), shoes and bags, invitations, decorations and gifts alongside heirloom gowns designed by anthropologie designers (and priced from $750 to $5,000) is going to be fantastic! The concept will start online before spreading into stores in spring of 2011 and will also offer up styling advice, travel planning, and services and even help with your flowers! I think there is going to be a lot of happy hipster brides!

Who else is as excited about this launch as I am? What kind of items do you think we’ll see in the line?

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