Chick-fil-A made me feel special

A Chick-fil-A location opened in South End about three weeks ago. It was a much-needed fast food joint in that particular stretch along South Boulevard. Plus, our office is in South End so I have a great new place to get to quickly for lunch, which I’ve been doing twice a week since it opened. So I was eating lunch there today and it dawned on me how great of a place this really is. I was sitting at the table (alone but don’t be sad for me, I do it often) eating my traditional #1 combo and making notes on my to-do list (it’s a notepad–I haven’t crossed into the world of PDAs yet, ok). I was done eating so I pushed my tray to the end of the table to make room for my doodling. Then the manager walked up to me and said, “I can take this out of your way,” and proceeded to remove my tray. But before walking away, she also asked me if I’d like a refill of my drink, which I said yes to–my traditional Hi-C fruit punch. For a second, I forgot I was at a fast food restaurant. That was excellent service and I didn’t even ask for any of it. That Chick-fil-A is one classy joint!

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