Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden's Sculpture Exhibition

ZimSculpt on display at Belmont garden
"Study Time," carved in springstone by Jonothan Mhondorohuma, is part of the ZimSculpt exhibition at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden.

They carve the images by hand, working chisel, file, and sandpaper into hard stone, without sketches to guide their creations. Sometimes, artists practicing the craft of Shona sculpture “watch a stone for days before they put chisel to it,” says Jim Hoffman, marketing director for Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden in Belmont.

ZimSculpt, an outdoor exhibition showcasing about 100 pieces of Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe, is on display in the garden until September 28. Visitors can watch two sculptors demonstrate their work, purchase pieces of sculpture, and shop for other artwork in a marketplace that accompanies the exhibition. Tickets $6-$12. Call 704-825-4490, or visit dsbg.org