Dream Band

Making the Band

If MTV can put together bands, why can't we? Well, we did, assembling the city’s best musicians, each of them from a different band, to form our own supergroup. And if they decide to record an album that goes on to sell like crazy, we just want our cut. 


Ron Brendle

Ron Brendle is Charlotte's best known bass player for a reason. Bass players are often overlooked within bands, but Brendle's skillful play demands attention. His jazz trio, Big Octave, is a local favorite, and Brendle can also be heard playing on the albums of and in live shows with other artists like Mike Strauss and Beth Chorneau.

Dawn Anthony

Best known as one half of the duo Dawn & Craig (with partner Craig Bove), Dawn Anthony's voice is angelic. She masters songs in jazz, popular music, and gospel, and she also sings in multiple languages. The classically trained performer can often be found performing at local concert series and has become a favorite at events at the Mint Museum.

Mike Salvatore

As the drummer for U-Phonik, Mike Salvatore is a rock star. He brings just the right amount of energy for his band's adrenaline-charged music, without being over the top. His band plays regularly at many of Charlotte's most crowded bars, and they've become a favorite at Alley Cat.

Randy Saxon
Randy Saxon is a guitar player's guitar player. When other musicians describe him, terms such as "bad ass" are used. Saxon was a driving force behind David Childers and the Modern Don Juans, so when Childers decided to disband the group last November Saxon became in high demand. As he tests the waters with various groups, fans continue to get a treat seeing him play live.

Alex Warner
It takes focus and precision to produce sweet sounds while tickling the keys. And that can be a little challenging when you're rocking out with your band as Alex Warner of The Hinges does. But Warner does it well, especially considering his band performs many covers (Modest Mouse, My Morning Jacket) at their live shows. The band, not even two years old, is scheduled to release its first album of original songs this spring.

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