Dukes Bread: Artisan sourdough in Plaza Midwood

The bakery has a new home base
Dukes’ rosemary Asiago foccacia bread and Gorgonzola round, which is dusted with onion flakes.

After four years selling artisan  bread to local restaurants and at farmers markets, 30-year-old Adam Duke now has a home base. He offers his bread for sale at the company’s quaint new shop in a Plaza Midwood bungalow. A 200-year-old sourdough starter is the base for each of the bakery’s 12 to 15 daily specialty breads, ranging from springy focaccia to Duke’s favorite, the Gorgonzola Round ($5), which is stuffed with piquant blue cheese. Dukes Bread, 1217 The Plaza, 704-313-8537, dukesbread.com.

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