Eight bachelorette party surprises (that don't involve a stripper)

So maybe Magic Mike isn’t your thing. Check out these fun alternatives.
Charlie Juliet

If your bachelorette bunch is made up of married ladies, moms, or a more conservative crowd in general, hiring a team of male strippers to unexpectedly pop in on your girls’ weekend might not be the best idea.

But that doesn't mean you can’t surprise the bride with something fun and exciting along the way (and I’m sure the bride’s husband-to-be will be more than appreciative of a weekend sans strippers).

Check out our eight favorite ideas for a fun-filled weekend full of surprises.

  1. Hire a private chef for a wine dinner
  2. Book a fortune teller
  3. Get fit with a barre or yoga class
  4. Head outside for some kayaking and paddle boarding
  5. Beauty treatments for all! Spend the day at the spa
  6. Take belly-dancing lessons
  7. Channel your inner artist at wine & design
  8. Shopping spree! Have each bridesmaid buy the bride a honeymoon outfit
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