Engaged: Kelly & William

Wedding Date: September 18th, 2010 Uptown Charlotte

How They Met

I’ll never forget the first time I met Will Setzer. He was 6’3” dressed in a child’s-size Hulk costume, while I was wearing a skimpy Philip Rivers football uniform. The circumstances are not as odd as they seem: it was Halloween at UNC where Will was a student. I was visiting with my roommate (and eventual bridesmaid), Lauryn, from NC State University. Will and I were both dating other people at the time, but one year later, we were both available; each asking our mutual friend, Lauryn, what the other was up to. We started dating after hitting it off at a party in the fall of 2004 (very much a set-up!), and fell in love through countless trips down Tobacco Road over the span of two years. But when Will graduated and moved three hours away, we decided to take a break. Once we were both in Charlotte a year and a half later, we were back together and have been inseparable ever since!

The Proposal

 It was set to be a pretty typical night for us: Will had been working all day but was bringing over take-out and we were going to  “take it easy”; Often, for us, that means playing board games and Rock Band at home. After dinner, Will and I picked out 3 of our favorite board games and headed downstairs to play. Before we began playing, Will told me he had created a playlist on his iPod, which he often does, so it didn’t seem out of the ordinary. He also brought out a bottle of Pinot Grigio for us to enjoy from Raffaldini Vineyards, a winery we visited together last summer. We started by playing a game called Last Word, which he won (as he frequently does). But I soon noticed the playlist was carefully crafted: it was one song from the set list of every concert we’ve been to together. Next, we engaged in a back-and-forth battle of Scattergories. After continually reaching a tie, we decided to move on to Scrabble — my specialty. Naturally, I began to boast about how I was going to win this game as I was putting away our last one. “Are you sure about that?”; I heard Will ask. I turned back around to see the Scrabble board open with ‘Will you marry me Kelly’ written in the game letters pasted onto the board, and Will getting down on one knee with the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen. Of course, I cried and said yes!

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