Fall Fashion Preview

This season’s staples include modern lines and updated silhouettes in rich shades of red, mossy greens, and muted neutrals, in classic fall fabrics like tweed and velvet


Denim shirt, $178, Eileen Fisher, 704-643-2247; Enza Costa skirt, $244, Denim House, 704-665-5555; Pas de Calais jacket, $625, Taylor Richards & Conger Women, 704-366-2905; Steve Madden boots, $170, Nordstrom SouthPark, 704-442-6000; Ralph Lauren belt, $68, Belk SouthPark, 704-364-4251


On her: Helmut Lang dress, $520, Nordstrom; Tory Burch coat, $2,495, Tory Burch SouthPark, 704-366-6427; Isabel Marant boots, $920, Poole Shop, 704-553-8868

On him: Hugo Boss shirt, Nordstrom, $95; Luigi Bianchi Mantova blazer, $895, Taylor Richards & Conger; Massimo Alba velvet pant, $395, Taylor Richards & Conger Men 704-366-9092 ; pocket square, $40, Nordstrom; To Boot New York boots, $450, Nordstrom


Equipment shirt, $258, Poole Shop; Yoana Baraschi green pants, $218, Chezelle, 704-365-4680; Pas de Calais coat, $895, Taylor Richards & Conger Women; gold with black stone earrings, $66, Chezelle; ring, $88, Chezelle


Ermenegildo Zegna shirt, $395, Taylor Richards & Conger Men; Altea tie, $125, Taylor Richards & Conger; Gran Sasso sweater, $275, Taylor Richards & Conger; PTOI pants, $395, Taylor Richards & Conger


Shades of Gray by Micah Cohen suit, $405, Blank Canvas; 980-833-1135; Billy Reid shirt, $195, Nordstrom; Bigi tie, $150, Taylor Richards & Conger Men; Bigi pocket square, $45, Taylor Richards & Conger; Calibrate loafers, $130, Nordstrom


Equipment  shirt, $218, Nordstrom; Finders Keepers corset, $149, Chezelle; Kristin Hayes bracelet, $350, Denim House


Hugo Boss shirt, $95, Nordstrom; Nordstrom brand tie, $50, Nordstrom; Massimo Alba pea coat, $2,495, Taylor Richards & Conger Men; Earnest Sewn jeans, $198, Blank Canvas


On her: Ted Baker dress, $295, Denim House; Hue tights, $14, Belk; Erin McDermott necklace, $218, Denim House; Jessica Simpson shoes, $79, Nordstrom; Cuff, $72, Chezelle

Across chair: Johnstons of Elgin red scarf, $115, Altea plaid scarf, $95, Taylor Richards & Conger Men


Brunello Cucinelli cardigan, $1,075, Taylor Richards & Conger; LBM 1911 blazer, $895, Taylor Richards & Conger; Altea scarf, $95,  Taylor Richards & Conger; Earnest Sewn jeans, $198, Blank Canvas; Thayer Chukka shoes, $155, The Sporting Gent, 704-896-5600; Eye-BOBs glasses, $75, The Sporting Gent


Rag & Bone lace top, $450, Poole Shop; Tibi skirt, $650, Poole Shop; Jessica Simpson shoes, $79, Nordstrom; Pegasus necklace, $198, Stella & Dot; Heather Hawkins cuff, $184, Denim House

Photographs by Logan Cyrus
Styled by Erica Hanks
Styling assistant Sarah Farber 
Produced by Jane Fields and Kellie Duff
Hair and makeup by Rebekah McCann
Shot on location at Historic Rosedale Plantation

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