Fun fall wedding favors

In the mood for fall? Grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte, pull up a chair and check out our fabulous fall favors.
Stacy Keck

When I opened up my patio door this morning, I could sense that fall was approaching. The air was a little cooler, the breeze was a little stronger and the blue skies with billowing clouds seemed to hint that summer was leaving. 

I love the fall. From the smell of Autumn Cider candles to the sight of the Hall Family Farm Pumpkin Patch, for me it's a season of welcomed change and the excitement of things to come.

In recent years, there's been a spike in the number of fall weddings as couples are embracing the cooler temperatures and autumn motifs into their big day, opting out of the threatening heat that comes with July and August. 

If you're planning a fall wedding, don't forget about wedding favors for your guests. Though entirely optional, wedding favors are a chance for you to incorporate unique bits of your personality and relationship into the wedding day. Embrace the loveliness of fall with a few of these fun, seasonal favor ideas.

 Apple Cider Kits

 Apple Butter

 Maple Syrup

 Carmel Corn


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