Gluten-Free Goods

Some do it by choice, others by necessity. Whatever your reason for steering clear of gluten, here are five of the best places to find gluten-free beer, pizza, sweets, and more.
The gluten-free chicken florentine pizza from Brixx makes for a good alternative to standard pies.

Brixx Wood-Fired Pizza
This local pizza chain makes a delicate but sturdy gluten-free dough. With a consistency more like a flatbread, it’s not overly chewy and stands up well against a regular pie. Multiple locations, 

Lenny Boy
Lenny Boy’s No Show Amber isn’t 100 percent gluten free, but it contains much less gluten than a typical beer—fewer than 10 parts per million. (The threshold for those with celiac disease is 20 parts per million). This rich, organic amber ale is an equally delicious option for the gluten-free set and those who prefer a less hoppy brew. 3000 S Tryon St., 

Whole Foods Market
The natural and organic market chain’s gluten-free angel food cake is just as light and fluffy as the traditional dessert. But if you can’t eat it within a few hours of leaving the store, put it in the freezer—the lack of preservatives means it can dry out quickly. 6610 Fairview Rd., 980-213-2400,

Mama Ricotta’s Restaurant
Gluten-free pasta can be gritty, grainy, and begging to be covered up with sauce. Mama Ricotta’s version, however, has a pleasant texture and flavor—and plenty of sauces and toppings from which to choose.  601 S Kings Dr., 704-343-0148,

Common Market
The deli and bodega makes its own gluten-free cookies with oats and alternative flours. Decadent and dense, they come in several flavors, from cocoa and pumpkin to fruit, and are big enough to share—although you may not want to.  2007 Commonwealth Ave., 704-334-6209; 1515 S. Tryon St., 704-332-7782,