Hanger happy

We can’t get enough of these personalized hangers that are oh so pretty!
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OK, we get it. Some wedding expenses are hard to justify… for example, drooling over a five-tier wedding cake when you’re having an intimate celebration with just 50 guests.

We’ve kept your budget in mind and are loving these monogrammed, personalized hangers. Averaging just $20 bucks, they’re a small expense that goes a long way. You’ll love how photographers can capture images of your dress, and the personalized touch makes it that much sweeter.

Etsy is a haven when it comes to finding hangers for the most important dress of your life. Looking for inspiration? You've come to the right place. Check out these fabulous hangers below. 

Hanging Memories 4ever




​Deighan Designs





New B Wedding Gifts





Handcrafted Affiars

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