Hidden wedding expenses

Don't let these forgotten expenses sneak up and ruin your budget.

One of the most important pieces of planning a wedding is starting with your budget. 

Including big expenses comes easy – venue, dress, stationery, flowers, and, of course, food. 

But brides, don't forget about these five pesky expenses that are easily lost in the shuffle of number crunching and calculators. Setting apart some cash at the beginning of the planning process will keep your budget in tact as you move forward. 

Postage – Forever stamps cost 49 cents each. If you're sending 150 invitations, postage alone will cost $73.50 Now factor in postage on response cards, save the dates, bridal luncheon invitations, and thank-you notes. Did we mention some wedding invitations need extra postage due to size and weight? Budget for stamps – it can add up quickly. 

Undergarments – It's not every day you wear a lace mermaid gown with a sweetheart neckline. Your trusty Wacoal bra you've owned since 2011 won't do the trick. Make sure to budget at least $100 for proper shapewear that will enhance your wedding dress and provide support all day (and night) long. You'll want to save a little extra for honeymoon essentials as well!

Alterations – Yay! You've found the perfect dress under your $4,000 budget. But unless you're buying a gown off the rack, most will be custom made and require at least one set of alterations. Depending on the fabric and beading, this could cost as much as an additional $1,000. 

Hair & Makeup Trials – Remembering to factor in expenses for your wedding day beauty plan is easy, but don't forget about trial expenses. You'll want to test out your wedding day look at least once before the big event. A trial run is a must, and we recommend budgeting around $100.

Overtime costs – If your vendors are only contracted until 10:30 p.m., but it's 10:15 and the party is just getting started, don't panic. Most vendors provide extra time on wedding day as needed. If there's a chance you'll want your photographer or DJ to stay later than contracted, make sure to set aside some extra cash so the party doesn't end early. 


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