Let me know if you spot RZA

That’s what jumped out at me the most. What? You ask. I just looked up Gospel Hill on IMDB.com and saw that RZA (pronounced rii-zah), the legendary producer and member of Wu Tang Clan, is part of the cast. Scenes for Gospel Hill, the story of a small Southern town haunted by two ghosts, one white and one black, whose families are pitted against each other because of a civil rights struggle, are currently being filmed in Rock Hill, SC. And there’s more local relevance. A staged reading of the Gospel Hill script was held at a workshop by The Light Factory in November 2005. Positive feadback is said to have come out of the workshop that the screenplay’s writer was then able to use as he prepared it for film.

Filming kicked off this month and it’s an impressive cast, including Julia Stiles, Angela Bassett, and Danny Glover. And RZA!

What’s your favorite Wu-Tang song? Mine is “Triumph”. I think the song is like six or seven minutes long, but that’s what happens when a rap group has nine members, hence the “Clan” in the name.

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