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2820 Selwyn Ave., Charlotte, NC 28209
Category: nightlife
Award: Best Spot to Meet a Blind Date
Year Won: 2013
Pick: Editor's Pick

Don’t worry abut texting your future beau or belle that you’ll be the one in the polka-dot sweater or houndstooth fedora. FABO, which stands for Fabulous Art Buying Opportunity, is a small, manageable space with seating areas divided by displays of locally made jewelry and art, so it’s easy to spot someone , plus you’ll have some privacy to chat. As a bonus, there’s a lot to look at if the conversation is less than stimulating. The menu includes pastries, coffee, beer, and wine, so all tastes and times of day are covered. If early evening meet-ups are going well, nearby Mellow Mushroom, Reid’s Fine Foods, or Nolen Kitchen are great dinner options.