Maestro’s Bar & Bistro

Maestro's Bar & BistroA few stoplights south of Carolina Place Mall isn’t where you’d expect to find dishes like rosemary-crusted rack of lamb or Beef Wellington, but this new restaurant, located in a 110-year-old restored home in downtown Pineville, is serving gourmet fare well worth the trip.

We would rave to you about the fresh, pillowy ravioli circles stuffed with wild mushrooms, the sweet and tangy key lime sauce on perfectly grilled tilapia, or the brilliant simplicity of putting melted brie and caramelized onions on pita bread for an appetizer, but that wouldn’t leave nearly enough space to talk about our favorite part: the desserts.

Or, more specifically, the cappuccino pie, a slice of creamy coffee topping that gives way to a rich, chocolate crust so sweet it can only be eaten in small bites. Co-owner (with his wife, Pam Menzel) and chef Kyle Burke, known for his decadent desserts from his time as a chef at the Pewter Rose, more than lives up to his reputation with this one. Our advice? Ask for it to go and take it home, where licking your plate might be considered acceptable behavior.

Maestro's Bar & Bistro, 207 Johnston Dr., Pineville (704-889-2110) $$$, D, P, FSB.

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