Monday Morning Quarterback

I really don’t consider myself a Monday morning quarterback. I don’t like those types. I just thought it would make for a good headline for my follow-up to Friday’s post (the Panthers could use a quarterback this Monday morning, however). So I went to the Bobcats game on Friday, and read about the results of the Independence-Butler game. Surprise, surprise.


The Bobcats won their season opener for the first time in their four-year history. It was a pretty good game, until the team starting missing free throws like they were three-pointers. But they squeaked out the win over Milwaukee 102-99, which is what’s most important. In past years, they haven’t been able to close out a team in the fourth quarter. They did it Friday and again Sunday, beating Miami 90-88.

The Bobcats are off to their first-ever 2-0 start and, consequently, it’s the first time the team has ever been two games above .500. Maybe Steve Goldberg is right in his prediction that the team will make the playoffs this year. I still have my doubts, but I’ll keep cheering them on.

Speaking of cheering them on, it sure would’ve been nice if the team would’ve played in front of a sellout crowd for its season opener. I would guesstimate that the stands were about 75 percent filled, which equates to nearly 5,000 empty seats. As many believe, once the team starts winning more, attendance will increase. But I have to give the Bobcats organization credit for doing a lot to make it an enjoyable experience for those fans who do come.

There were numerous pre-game activities including the Charlotte Symphony performing. Then there are attention-grabbers during timeouts. The funniest was a bachelor contest in which the winning guy had his choice between going out on a date with a hottie (I don’t know who she was but she was hot) or receiving an autographed Gerald Wallace sneaker. He thought about it for a second, then chose the sneaker, to which the crowd erupted in laughter. The halftime show was cool, too.

As for the Independence-Butler game, I don’t have much to report since I wasn’t there. But if you haven’t heard by now, Butler won 21-20. I have to think Coach Tom Knotts’ absence had a little to do with his team losing to a North Carolina team for the first time in seven years (Independence had its 109-game winning streak snapped September 1 against a team in Ohio, but its in-state streak was still in tact).

I was pulling for Independence, for no other reason than I love streaks—good ones anyway. Now let’s see if the Bobcats can go 82-0!

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