Moscow Mule: 'Drink of the Summer'

Mixologist shares Kombucha spin on mixed drink
Kombucha Mule

“The Moscow Mule is going to be the drink of the summer,” says Bob Peters, a Charlotte native and the mixologist at Pisces Sushi Bar (1100 E. Metropolitan Ave., Suite 120; 704-334-0009). “They’re delicious. You serve it in a copper mug. It feels great in your hands. It has it all.”

Peters knows drinks. He started mixing 17 years ago at the old Elizabeth Pub on Fourth Street. And he spent four years at Soul Gastrolounge before moving over to Pisces last year. He specializes in what he calls the “Farm to Glass” movement, using local ingredients for mixed drinks.

We asked him to make a Moscow Mule for us, but he did one better. He added a local twist—Kombucha from Lenny Boy Kombucha in South End. He calls it the Kombucha Mule.

Here’s how he made it:
• Muddle two fresh lime wedges
• Fill copper mug with ice
• Add 1.5 ounces of Tito’s vodka
• Fill with Lenny Boy ginger Kombucha
• Stir, garnish with lime wheel, and serve

(Note: To make the Moscow Mule, substitute ginger beer for the ginger Kombucha.)

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