Must haves for an outdoor summer wedding

Temperatures are rising! Time to get prepared for the summer heat.
Erin Kranz

Whether you’re attending several outdoor weddings this summer or preparing for one of your own, one thing is for sure – the summer sun has mercy on no one! (and neither does that infamous North Carolina humidity).

With any wedding, there are certain dos and don’ts, but with a summer wedding, some things can’t be missed.

Here’s our Essential Eight must haves for an outdoor summer wedding.

  1. Water bottles (don’t forget to keep your guests hydrated)
  2. Sunglasses (no one wants to squint through a ceremony)
  3. Sparkly lights (set the mood when the sun goes down)
  4. Popsicles (or ice cream or sno cones or fro yo)
  5. Flip flops (for when you need your dancing shoes)
  6. Shade (either an indoor oasis or tent with fans)
  7. Light menu (think fresh fish and grilled veggies)
  8. Mirror access (for when your makeup smudges or sweat stains need hiding)
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