Never Too Full for Cake!

Two years ago, Lisa McRae, left, was a systems analyst—a far cry from the baker extraordinaire she is today. Here, the professional cake decorator and owner of Elizabethan Delights discusses the art of designing the ultimate dessert.

What types of desserts do you offer?

Wedding cakes, pictured, cookies, and petit fours. I offer a variety of cake, filling, and frosting flavors with several choices for coverings, too.

What’s your favorite?

First, English pound cake with lemon raspberry filling and lemon icing. Second would be chocolate cake with chocolate/orange filling and vanilla icing. And last: chocolate ganache with anything!

How long does it take to create a typical wedding cake?

It takes about three to four days. If there’s string work involved, that’s another six hours.

What’s string work?

String work is a very fine line of icing. It gives a cake an ethereal feel, a lightness. It’s beautiful and meticulous.

What was your most unique request?

Someone asked for a cake using fresh blueberries in December. Since blueberries are out of season in December, the blueberries alone would have cost $300!


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