New York Will “Crack Clay Aiken Like an Egg”

Or so says writer Ariel Levy in a semi-takedown story in the new New York magazine. The profile is about Aiken moving to New York for the run of Spamalot, in which he is now starring. Among the more entertaining passages of the story (which includes the quote in the title of this post):


"The thing that makes Aiken seem much younger than a nearly 30-year-old man is that he insists so incessantly that he is brimming with folksy self-acceptance when he so clearly doesn’t have a clue. I don’t think Aiken’s compulsive self-deprecation, his insistence that he is funny-looking, a dork, a nerd, a neuter, is going to withstand eighteen weeks in New York. I am convinced this city is going to crack Clay Aiken like an egg. Then I see him on Broadway."

The story has generated quite the discussion in the comments section (203 at last count) among members of Clay Nation, although a quick scan reveals that the majority of the comments seem to come from about 3 people who must have quit their jobs and abandoned their families so that they can post comments on the New York magazine web site. Because Clay Aiken is that important.

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