PHOTOS: A Festive Final Day at Price’s Chicken Coop

Charlotte says goodbye to the South End institution

At 5 a.m., a line formed in front of Price’s Chicken Coop—five hours before the South End staple opened for the last time. The atmosphere was festive along Camden Avenue today, celebrating a fried chicken spot that’s served Charlotte for 59 years. Photographer Logan Cyrus captured scenes from the morning through the afternoon: 

Mr. Price Opens The Coop One Last Time.

Owner Steven Price opens the Coop one last time. Price’s brick building in South End was built in 1948 by his father, Talmadge, and his uncle, Pat.

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Mr. Price Works On Completing A Large Order.

Price’s Chicken Coop announced on Thursday via Facebook that it will close after 59 years at their Camden Road location. The restaurant cited labor shortage and rising food costs as the reasons for the closure.

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A miniature model of Price’s Chicken Coop designed by William Furman, sits outside of the fried chicken shop.

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Von Holloman Carries A Box Of 100 Wings To The Trunk Of Her Car.

Von Holloman carries a box of 100 wings to the trunk of her car.

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With the Bibles underneath, she said, “We’re putting this chicken ‘on God.'”

Tammie Ivey Eats A Wing One Last Time.

Tammie Ivey eats a Price’s wing one last time.

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