Product Spotlight: Summer Shine Body Lotion

Two words that quite a few women have come to hate? Shimmer. Lotion. I know what you’re thinking- mainly because I think it, too: it looks greasy, it gives off an almost radio-active glow, and the rub-off-on-everything shimmer is more like the glitter that just won’t quit. I’ve become quite the skeptic when it comes to new products- past failures have left me eternally and deeply scarred (hello, fuchsia lipstick)- but, I desperately needed to put my dull and winter-ridden skin out of its misery. Enter Mario Badescu’s Summer Shine Body Lotion.

Made with beeswax and peanut oil and enriched with vitamin A, this greaseless body lotion helps retain your skins’ natural moisture, while leaving behind a subtle glisten to your skin. The lotion actually exudes a lit-from-within shimmer, rather than blinding sparkles. What’s even better than the radiance that your skin will be emitting is the intoxicating scent. With traces of cucumber and coconut, which aren’t too heavy to interfere with your perfume, this lotion just screams “summer”.

Trade in your dull, flaky skin of winter and step into your rompers and cut-offs of spring with radiant and luminous skin. It’s sure to become a staple in your springtime beauty regimen. ($22 for 16oz. Available at Nordstrom)

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