Q&A: Chef Jeremy Sabo

With former ties to local treasures (he worked for the Park Hotel and La Bibliotheque), Jeremy Sabo is no stranger to Charlotte cuisine. This time, Sabo brings his own expertise as executive chef with Urban Food Group to help Vivace Charlotte get up and running at the Metropolitan in midtown.

How will the food at Vivace be different from other Charlotte spots?
It's about simplicity. For example, where French food is about technique, Italian food is more about ingredients, the simpler the better. It's about using good ingredients and not covering them up. If you have the proper techniques with searing fish or grilling meat, you don't need to cover it up with dry rubs or sauces. Let the meat shine through.

Any dishes you'd recommend guests try at Vivace?
It's just a matter of what you want that day. Triggerfish is one of my favorite [types of fish]. We're going to do triggerfish with crab ravioli; I think that's a really, really good dish.

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