Room 18

Room 18, which opened in October, is the newest Asian fusion addition to south Charlotte and after a trip there last weekend, it’s apparent why the restaurant has quickly become a local hot spot.

It’s owned by the Chens, a family that has owned a variety of Asian restaurants around Charlotte throughout the last decade or so. (Want to learn more about the Chens and their local empire? Check out this story from when they opened Room 18’s sister restaurant, Room 112, uptown.)

So back to Room 18.  The restaurant is relatively small with a packed seating area and a U-shaped bar lit with neon green lights. The crowd is a comfortable mix of families, couples, and groups. The menu follows the Asian fusion theme of the Chen’s other restaurants with plenty of Chinese and Japanese dishes mixed in with sushi offerings.

The sushi though is what makes this worth the trip south of 485 (or, if you live close by, worth the wait to get into this smaller restaurant). There’s a variety of rolls, both cooked and uncooked, and all creative. For the sushi novice, Room 18 is perfect. Yes, there are fresh cuts of good fish, but there’s also plenty of the fried stuff and spicy mayo that are seemingly staples on Charlotte sushi menus. It’s good sushi—nothing particularly unique, but when you’re eating sushi in a strip mall across from a Pet Smart, you’re probably not looking for freshly ground wasabi root.

Want to check out Room 18 for yourself? Find it at 9985 Rea Road or call 704.845.1801.

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