Room We Love: A Loft in Quail Hollow

The team at House of Nomad creates a global-inspired lounge area

Berkeley Minkhorst and Kelley Lentini, owners of House of Nomad, designed every room in their client’s custom build in Quail Hollow. They warmed up the spacious, modern interior with global-inspired décor and natural elements like wood and organic raw textiles for a relaxed, inviting feel. The homeowners had settled on the design for the second-floor media room and large playroom for their two young children, but they struggled with the design and purpose of the adjoining loft area. “We wanted to keep it light and airy and flow really well into the other spaces,” Minkhorst says. “It was a design challenge because it needed to be kid-friendly but their domain.”

The loft is directly across from the media room and down the hall from the kids’ bedrooms, so they first needed to create a sense of purpose for the big, open space. “This was the last room we did in the entire home,” Minkhorst says. “It needed to be functional but relaxing enough that they’d want to spend time there.” They designed a lounge area where the homeowners could hang out while the kids play or have a glass of wine after they put the kids to bed.

Minkhorst and Lentini installed a black metal pendant light from Noir, which set the tone and brought the ceiling down to make the space feel more cozy and less lofty. They chose a textured Moroccan area rug for some visual interest and anchored the space with leather and teak chairs. The pillows, poufs, floor candles, and planter all came from House of Nomad’s Myers Park shop, and they hand-sourced the rattan coffee table from Bali. “When you mix different layers, you’re able to create more of that cozy, comfortable vibe,” Minkhorst says. “You can still go modern but not go sterile.”

The secret to nailing a modern, global-inspired look, Minkhorst says, is the right mix of natural materials. Start with a clean, white backdrop and incorporate wood, leather, raw textiles, and metals. They accented this space with floor candles wrapped in natural wood and finished it off with a plant from Malone’s Nursery. “We use plants in all of our designs, both real and faux ones,” she says. “It helps bring some life into the room.”

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