Semi-Finals Begin in Charlotte Chef Cookoff

Competition Dining Series is down to eight chefs
Kristen Wile
When the competition began, 24 chefs were in the running. Now, only eight remain.

Tonight's competition marks the start of the semi-finals in the #GotToBeNC Competition Dining Series, a bracket-style competition where Charlotte chefs go dish-to-dish using a local secret ingredient. Last week, two more chefs were eliminated. Here is how the battles went down:

Monday, April 27:
Chefs: Chef Brent Martin of The Summit Room vs. Chef John Morey of BOA Stadium
Advancing: Martin, with a score of 29.25714286 to Morey’s 25.39066667
Featured ingredient: Battle Certified Angus Beef Brand tenderloin and Savory Spice Shop South End cocoas
Audience pick: Martin (30.891) over Morey (25.987)
Pro pick: Martin (25.444) over Morey (24.000)
Martin’s highest scoring dish of the night (pictured at right): Certified Angus Beef Brand tenderloin tartar, Savory Spice Shop South End black onyx cocoa shingle, foie gras pâté, vanilla oil, Scott Farms sweet potato chips, Manchester Farm quail egg, lemon confit, black garlic aioli (weighted score: 29.600)

Tuesday, April 28:
Chefs: Chef Michael Fisera of Lexington Avenue Brewery vs. Chefs Ryan Daugherty and Eric Litaker of Dogwood Southern Table & Bar
Advancing: Daugherty and Litaker, with a score of 27.94434389 to Fisera’s 24.77579909
Featured ingredients: Certified Angus Beef Brand bone-in ribeye steak and North Carolina Chicken Eggs
Audience pick: Daugherty and Litaker (28.063) over Fisera (24.918)
Pro pick: Daugherty and Litaker (27.667) over Fisera (24.444)
Daugherty and Litaker’s highest scoring dish of the night (pictured at right): Wood Fired Certified Angus Beef brand heart of ribeye, Anaheim pepper polenta, smoked mushrooms, sauce choron, pickled red onions, 64-degree NC Egg (weighted score: 28.957)

Tonight's contest is between Mama Ricotta's and Chef Steven Goff, formerly of King James Public House. Tomorrow's dinner pits BLT Steak against Flipside Cafe, with Vivace vs. Local Dish and The Summit Room vs. Dogwood taking place next week. With your ticket, which can be purchased here, diners taste all six dishes blindly, and vote on each one using a free app. The creator of those dishes aren't revealed until the very end of the evening with the scores. 

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