Shake It Up

Three must-try milkshake recipes

Milkshakes are the latest culinary trend—chefs around the country are experimenting with flavors and mix-ins to create some totally unique concoctions. But you don’t have to be a Top Chef to get in on the fun. There’s basically no way to mess up this drinkable dessert—as long as you don’t add ice—but there are a few things to know. First, always use the highest quality frozen base you can: The more pure the flavor, the better your milkshake will taste. Next, let hard ice cream sit out a few minutes—it’ll make the milkshake easier to blend, so you’ll have to use less milk. (The milk is really only there to thin out the ice cream so you end up with the ideal sip-up-the-straw consistency.) Lastly, swap out milk for your favorite booze to turn any milkshake into one that doubles as a nightcap. 

Blueberry Chocolate Brew
Perfect For: After the kids go to bed
Frozen Base: Blueberry soft serve or frozen yogurt—vanilla or chocolate taste great too
Mix-Ins: Chocolate stout
In the blender…
Mix equal parts ice cream/yogurt and beer; add milk for proper consistency.
For best results, use a chilled glass.

Macchiato and Donuts
Perfect For: A brunch or lunch party
Frozen Base: Chocolate and coffee ice cream
Mix-Ins: Donuts (try chocolate cake or plain glazed), coffee grounds
In the blender…
Buzz up equal parts chocolate and coffee ice cream with milk and a scoop of coffee grounds. Use half a donut per serving; add to blender at the end to maintain some chunks

Salted Caramel
Perfect For: A summer evening
Frozen Base: Vanilla ice cream or gelato
Mix-Ins: Chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, sea salt
In the blender…
Combine ice cream with chocolate and caramel sauce (you’ll want to add more caramel than chocolate) and thin with milk. Sprinkle in salt, a little at a time until desired taste is achieved. Top with whipped cream

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