Street Looks: Summer Suit

Man brings 'neat' style to uptown
Logan Cyrus

Name: Marcus Hayes, 58

Spotted: Across from the Bank of America headquarters on South Tryon Street uptown

Occupation: Retired from the natural gas industry

Going: “I’m waiting to pick my wife up from work.”

Style Secret: “The British style really always interested me from way back in the ’60s. I’ve always liked clothing that fit well.”

Describing His Look in One Word: “Neat.”

Fashion Tip: “Two things can make a cheap suit look great. You can’t skimp on the shoes, and you have to have a really well-made tie. A guy should always have a plain, pin dot, and striped tie.”

About his outfit: Suit: Calvin Klein, Shoes: Kenneth Cole, Watch: Rolex  —Madeleine Bradsher

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