Summer Yet?

I've always liked summer, because that's when time seems to slow down. We're always in a hurry to get through winter, then spring seems to fly by, but summer? That brings to mind hammocks and cold drinks and lazy dogs. And it always seems to last forever.

It's heating up in Charlotte, which hopefully means that things will start to slow down. Not the economy, of course. Let's hope that heats up right along with the temperature. But this parade of, um, interesting headlines about bank stress tests and nonprofit cutbacks and cuts in the schools -- those can slow to a crawl as far as I'm concerned. Things have been happening so fast around here lately it's like we, as individuals and as a collective city, can hardly keep up.

We designed this issue with an eye toward a relaxing summer. It's full of ideas for fun ways to pass the time, whether it's chomping on burgers on a sunny patio; playing tennis on a free, lighted court; or hanging with your kids. Because that's what summers are for, right?

This issue also contains profiles of two interesting Charlotteans. Christie Taylor has run Hodges Taylor Gallery for thirty years with Dot Hodges. But she's also a bit of an activist. She thinks this city could stand to be a little more curious, and she has a few ideas on how to accomplish that. Richard Maschal has the story on page 45. Meanwhile, writer Melissa Hankins profiles Lenny McAllister. He's a political commentator with public-service ambitions. He works with youth to help them avoid some of the troubles that have threatened to derail his own life. And he's a different kind of Republican at a time when the national GOP is looking for just that. The story starts on page 72.

Finally, this is awards season in the magazine industry, and we're off to a good start. This magazine and our sister publication, Charlotte magazine's Home & Garden, picked up eleven honors from the Magazine Association of the Southeast, including five golds. Credit goes to the talented staff and freelancers who work hard to reward you, the reader, for your trust in us. Full details are at our Web site.

Enjoy the summer. I know I will.

Coming Next Month: The Most Helpful Top Doctors Issue Ever

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