Surprising Week in Competition Dining Series

Asbury, Heirloom, Block & Grinder sent home

Things are heating up in the #GotToBeNC Competition Dining Series' Fire in the City contest, and you can tell by the names that won't be competing in the next round. Secret ingredients from North Carolina in this week's quarterfinal battles included sweet potatoes and chocolate. Chefs advancing from the first round kept momentum going; all three chefs eliminated had received a bye in the first round. Here's how the battles scored out:

Sunday, April 19:
Chefs: Chef Chris Coleman of The Asbury vs. Chef Joseph Cornett of The Flipside Café 
Advancing: Cornett, with a score of 30.08674102 to Coleman’s 25.06818182
Surprise ingredient: NC Sweet Potatoes
Audience pick: Cornett (31.457) over Coleman (26.288)
Pro pick: Cornett (26.889) over Coleman (22.222)
Cornett’s highest-scoring dish of the night (pictured at right): Rosemary Pete’s Murasaki Sweet Potato Empanada, Purple Sweet Potato Cheesecake, NC Sweet Potato Marshmallow, Sweet Potato Caramel (weighted score: 31.720)

Monday, April 20:
Chefs: Chef Clark Barlowe of Heirloom Restaurant vs. Chef Mike Suppa of Vivace
Advancing: Suppa, with a score of 27.06666667 to Barlowe’s 24.95795880
Surprise ingredient: Black Mountain Chocolate and Cactus Creek Gourmet Coffee
Audience pick: Suppa (29.000) over Barlowe (25.559)
Pro pick: Barlowe (23.556) over Suppa (22.556)
Suppa’s highest-scoring dish of the night (pictured at right): Seared Maple Leaf Farms Breast of Duck, Braised Duck Crepe, Lavender-Carrot Puree, Spiced Cactus Creek Brazilian Cerrado Coffee Syrup (weighted score: 28.812)

Tuesday, April 21:
Chefs: Chef Ben Philpott of Block & Grinder vs. Chef Neil Bratton of Local Dish
Advancing: Bratton, with a score of 30.30635838 to Philpott’s 29.32091887
Surprise ingredient: Joyce Farms Poulet Rouge and High Rock Farms Pecans
Audience pick: Bratton (29.295) over Philpott (27.792)
Pro pick: Philpott (32.889) over Bratton (32.667)
Bratton’s highest-scoring dish of the night (pictured at right): Joyce Farms Smoked Poulet Rouge Ravioli, Chapel Hill Creamery Calvander Cream, Oyster Mushrooms, Asparagus, Poulet Rouge Crispy Skin, High Rock Farms (weighted score: 33.625)

Next week's contests start off with Chef Brent Martin of The Summit Room cooking against Chef John Morey of Bank of America Stadium. Buy tickets to the events and see a full schedule here.

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